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GeoVisio panoramax instance OSM Nov2023.png
Author: Panoramax Team
License: MIT License
Platform: Web
Version: 2.6.0 [1] (2024-05-17)
Source code:
Programming languages: JavaScript and Python

"The free alternative to photo-mapping territories"[1]

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Panoramax (wikipedia) is a federation offering geolocated street-level pictures. Pictures are offered through a decentralized architecture, with a set of free and open-source tools. In other words, it is "like a self-hosted Street View"[2] that does not impose its own app and gives you the right to fork the server.

The main selling points are:

  • self-hostable, as a public instance or in your private org
  • free-licensed server (unlike Mapillary or Mapilio)
  • freedom to choose or develop your favorite client app
  • federation through a meta-catalog, which gives a single entrypoint to all publicly available servers


These are the publicly available instances, where anyone can view pictures or contribute:

The meta-catalog list all pictures available across public servers:


As Panoramax is a federation, the main matter is to agree on standards. Servers have to offer their pictures through a STAC API. Beyond that, any compliant server can be a part of Panoramax.

Main software used for Panoramax is listed below.


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All servers are running under the Panoramax API, which is fully free and open-source. It's a Python and Flask API, relying on a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS. It handles users, as well as uploading and serving of pictures.


Many clients can be made available for Panoramax, as long as they accept STAC and/or WFS servers. As of now, the following clients are available:

Work in progress:

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