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Hebei, China

latitude: 39.411, longitude: 115.323
Browse map of Hebei 39°24′39.60″ N, 115°19′22.80″ E
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Hebei is a Province in China at latitude 39°24′39.60″ North, longitude 115°19′22.80″ East.

Hebei (simplified Chinese: 河北; traditional Chinese: 河北; pinyin: héběi ), is a province of the People's Republic of China. The capital city is Shijiazhuang.


行政区划 Administrative divisions

地级行政区 Prefecture-level divisions

名称 Name 关系 Relation
石家庄市 Shijiazhuang relation 3009732
唐山市 Tangshan relation 2989001
秦皇岛市 Qinhuangdao relation 2989562
邯郸市 Handan relation 3290701
邢台市 Xingtai relation 3290707
保定市 Baoding relation 3442995
张家口市 Zhangjiakou relation 3295555
承德市 Chengde relation 2989561
沧州市 Cangzhou relation 3443418
廊坊市 Langfang relation 2989329
衡水市 Hengshui relation 3443419