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Also see the more complete and up to date suggestions at Indonesian Tagging Guidelines

Official class ref=* OpenStreetMap Tag Description Tagging guidelines
Major Roads
Jtol.png Jalan Tol/Tolled Freeways/Highways Cannot use ref=*. highway=motorway Divided tolled highways with a minimum of 2 lanes in each direction (some only 1x2), completely access-controlled, NO at-grade intersections, and designed for high-speed travel by vehicles. Motorcycles and motor rickshaw (bajaj) are banned. Use name=* for naming the toll road. DON'T USE ref=*!
Nasional1.png National Roads N highway=trunk Either divided or undivided highways with at-grade intersections. No tolls, and most of them are built in the 19th century. Most of them are part of the Asian Highway Network. Don't use motorroad=*. All national roads in Indonesia have at-grade junctions/intersections.
State Roads. PROV highway=primary Newly-built undivided highways connecting major cities intra-state. see tagging guidelines for National Roads
Regency/City roads KABUPATEN/KOTA highway=secondary Roads that connect destinations intra-city/regency, and most of them aren't signed yet (still named). N/A
Urban Roads -- some can't use ref=*
Arterials KABUPATEN/KOTA if the road is part of the city/regency road network highway=tertiary Avenues, boulevards etc. N/A
Unnumbered non-arterial roads and residential roads N/A highway=unclassified and highway=residential Named roads, or roads that crosses residential areas. N/A