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Describes when the kitchen of a place that serves food is open. There is a specific standard format for this data. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The time when the kitchen is open inside a venue that also offers food. Outside of these hours, it is expected that ordering a meal is not possible. It is common that restaurants close the kitchen half an hour before closing time so they can clean up. Guests can still consume meals that were served earlier and they can still order drinks.


Note that this wiki page was originally created to document this tag based on taginfo usage. We know of no previous proposal or other widespread discussion, but do correct this paragraph if there has been one.

Basic example

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 10:00-23:00

opening_hours:kitchen=Mo-Fr 11:00-22:00

Opening hours are from 10am to 11pm, hot meals are served from 11am to 10pm only.

Example interpretation

If the range of opening_hours:kitchen is not contained within opening_hours, the intersection needs to be considered. For example, with opening_hours=Mo-Fr 11:00-23:00 and opening_hours:kitchen=11:00-22:00, it is assumed that opening_hours:kitchen=Mo-Fr 11:00-22:00.

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