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Active Traffic Management on the Southbound M20 - - 3709375.jpg
The carriageway is subjected to active traffic management which controls lanes and speed limits in real time. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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active_traffic_management is used to show if a carriageway is subjected to active traffic management such as speed limits and lane closures in real time in response to congestion or incidents. This tag is almost always used in conjunction with maxspeed:variable=*, however just because a road is subjected to variable speed limits doesn't mean it is actively managed.

proposed:active_traffic_management and construction:active_traffic_management can be used for roads where active traffic management is being proposed or is under construction.

European use

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom smart motorway have been rolled out which include regular variable message signs showing motorists of mandatory speed limits, lane closures and traffic information. Most of the new smart motorways since 2015 have been of the "All Lane Running" variation whereby the Hardshoulder becomes a running lane along with other works to gain additional space from the central reserve and Emergency Refuge Areas (highway=emergency_bay) provided at regular intervals to accommodate broken down vehicles.

On smart motorways the following tags are recommended in additional to standard tags that would be found on a motorway.

Additional Tags used on Motorways and Trunk Roads if subjected to active traffic management.
Tag Description
active_traffic_management=yes The road is subjected to Active Travel Management then set as yes.
maxspeed:variable=yes If the road is subjected to mandatory speed limits (uses roundels) then set as yes. There usually are signs saying "Start of Variable Speed Limit" and "End of Variable Speed Limit" beside the road or slip road.
shoulder=* If the road doesn't have an Hard Shoulder due to width constrictions at bridges or because the road was widened using an "All Lanes Running" upgrade. Then set shoulder to no. It is presumed that motorways do have a shoulder if not set

Infrastructure associated with smart motorways can also be added.

Tag Description
man_made=gantry Gantries suspended above the carriageway can be drawn as a way and tagged as a gantry.
traffic_sign=variable_message Signs or displays that show speed limits (mandatory or advisory) as well as traffic information can be tagged as this. If the sign or display is attached to a gantry then it should be a node on the gantry way.
variable_message:model=* The model of variable message sign can also be specified. In the United Kingdom there are 5 main VMSs used.
Tag Description
variable_message:model=AMI Usually found on gantries above each lane or beside the carriageway at entry slip-roads. Capable of displaying mandatory speed limits as well as advisory. Are also used to show lane closures.
variable_message:model=MS1 Usually found on gantries above each lane or beside the carriageway at entry slip-road as well as every mile in the central reserve. Can only show advisory speed limits as well as lane closures. Not found on smart motorways, although some entry-slip roads may have them.
variable_message:model=MS2 Large Text displays which can show messages on 2 lines of 12 characters. Can be found on older smart motorways (such as most of the M25). Usually mounted on gantries over the hard shoulder next to AMIs, but can be on their own gantries.
variable_message:model=MS3 Larger Text display which can show messages on either 2 or 3 lines of 16 characters. Not a large amount of these on the network. They can also have a large MS1 unit next to them capable of showing advisory speed limits in addition to messages.
variable_message:model=MS4 Even Larger display capable of showing pictograms as well as longer messages. Older models only show orange, but newer ones can be tri or five colour displays. Found often on ALR smart motorways. They are capable of showing mandatory speed limits as well as lane closures in addition to warnings and traffic information. They can be mounted on a gantry with AMIs or destination signs, or they can be mounted on their own gantries.
highway=emergency_bay On All Lane Running Smart Motorways, where there is an emergency refuge area provided, an emergency bay should be added at the centre point's node on the highway way.
emergency=phone On All Lane Running Smart Motorways, an emergency phone is provided at all ERAs, this should be tagged on its own node in it's location. Where there is a hard shoulder, emergency phones should be tagged in the same way.

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