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Sinnbild Traktor.svg
Access permission for agricultural vehicles, e.g. tractors. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Restrictions
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Legal access restriction for agricultural motor vehicles (e.g.,  tractors) that may have additional restrictions (either technical or traffic rules when in public traffic such as a lower speed limit such as 25 or 40 km/h).

The scope of vehicles to which a prohibitory or regulatory traffic sign depicting an agricultural tractor Sinnbild Traktor.svg applies varies from country to country. It may or may not apply to e.g. "microcars" with a limited maximum speed (legally sometimes a form of moped=*). This leads to different interpretations between mappers in OSM and discussion if this access rule does affect only "agricultural motor vehicles" or all "slow vehicles" in general.

For a detailed comparative analysis of international legislation please see Talk:Key:agricultural

Common values

  • no
  • yes
  • private
  • designated
  • destination
  • List of possible values with descriptions: see Key:access
  • All used values on Taginfo


agricultural=no (and other *=no depending on the country)
agricultural=designated (and other *=no depending on the country)

Possible tagging mistakes

A closed farmer's access track is not agricultural=yes or access=agricultural but access=private, since the track is not open to (a) anyone that happens to drive a tractor or (b) a neighboring farmer that might want to use this road to have a shorter route to reach his land for farming (unless specific arrangements are in order, but those must be verifiable when using for OSM).

Additional signs that form an exception to the prohibitory traffic sign such as these do not refer to the technical class of agricultural tractors as meant by Sinnbild Traktor.svg agricultural=*, but to current agricultural usage of the road, which might also be performed by other types of vehicles such as a motorcar Sinnbild PKW.svg, for instance when professionally attending to beehives. In this case use vehicle=agricultural

See also

  • access=agricultural for "Agricultural traffic" (or traffic for agricultural purposes) which can but not necessarily is performed using agricultural vehicles.
  • See access=* for values and other classes of vehicles.