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While you can tag any building with a simple building=yes, it can be nice to classify them. If you have objections to any single image, do state them here.

Image Primary tags Extra tags Comments
Smallsubstation.png building=utility




Emptyhouse.jpg building=house building:levels=2


In front, a small power=cable_distribution_cabinet
Townhome5.jpg building=terrace building:levels=3


I tagged each unit as a separate way, with overlapping segments.
Aptvintsq.jpg building=apartments building:levels=3


The block (which has two buildings) is tagged with landuse=residential and with the name of the complex.
Apartments6levels.png building=apartments building:levels=6


Some have used building=block
Buildingoffices.png building=office building:use=commercial Some have used building=block
Gazebodk.jpg building=gazebo Recommended tags: amenity=shelter and building=roof

If it's an enclosed picnic area you can include shelter_type=picnic_shelter

Hallfin.jpg building=public I'm not sure if this is a good use of "public"; you can't just enter unless there is an event that is open to the public.
Theatert.jpg I don't know how to tag a theater or a resaurant properly. Suggestions are welcome.