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Public-images-osm logo.svg disused:highway
A highway=* feature which is currently unused but is still in a reasonable state of repair. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Lifecycle
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The disused:highway key is used to map former highway=* features that have fallen into serious disrepair and which could only be put back into operation with expensive effort. Such highway features will still have some physical form reflective of their former use visible in the landscape, but may have been repurposed or may be no longer usable.

For abandoned highway features which are not maintained and could only be returned to use with significant expense or total reconstruction, see the key abandoned:highway instead.

How to map

The key disused:highway is used with the same values as highway=*, e.g:

If the former highway feature is now used for a different purpose, this can also be tagged. For example, a disused primary highway which is now designated as a cycleway may be mapped as a way with the tags disused:highway=primary + highway=cycleway.

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