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Gives indication on the type of message. Edit or translate this description.
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For use on advertising devices tagged with advertising=*.

The key message=* gives an indication on the type of message of an advertising device. It is NOT the message itself. For message itself see inscription=*.

This tag should only be set if this is a permanent characteristics of the device, and not a temporary one.

An advertising device mostly display commercial messages as part of a marketing strategy, but not only : it can be used to display opinions, to display local information messages, to advertise on legal notices, to display map information, etc.

Recommended use

  • message=commercial: the advertising device displays a commercial message, this is by far the case occurring the most often. This is the default value.
  • message=local: the advertising device displays a local information message. For example opening hours of municipal services, or of social facilities, information related to sanitary campaign, opening days for open-air market, any municipal or local information.
  • message=safety: the advertising device displays safety messages, for example 'risks related to flooded rivers'.
  • message=legal: the advertising device displays legal messages.
  • message=map: the advertising device displays map information.
  • message=political: the advertising device displays political electoral advertisings, for candidate running in the election ballot. Political billboards are often temporary billboards, and they display 'political' message.
  • message=showbiz: the advertising device displays information related to theatre, cinemas, concerts, art performances.
  • message=non_profit: the advertising device displays information related to non profit organizations.
  • message=opinion: the advertising device displays any opinions, and the boards are here for freedom of expression.
  • message=religion: the advertising device displays information related to the activities of a religion (such as a parish). This might include office dates and hours, news of the community, point of contact, intentions of prayers, pilgrimage informations....
  • message=funding to advertising=board: when board informs us about co-financing from a project.

Common combinations

When the advertising device can display opinion, non_profit, showbiz, political messages (therefore for message=opinion, message=non_profit, message=showbiz, message=political), most often the advertising device can be used by anybody, and can be combined with access=yes.

When the advertising device displays commercial, local, safety, legal, map messages (therefore for message=commercial, message=local, message=safety, message=legal, message=map), most often the advertising device is private, its usage is reserved, therefore it needs to be combined with access=no.

If ever the advertising device has two faces, and one face (often the face front to the flow) displays 'commercial' message , while the other face (the one reverse to the flow) displays 'local' information message, then it is possible to have: message:front=commercial and message:reverse=local.

The inscription itself can be provided using the key inscription=*, but this should be reserved for advertising signs, which do not change regularly.

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