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Continental Europe codification scheme for power transmission systems Show/edit corresponding data item.
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About EIC Codes

ENTSOE is the European Network of Transport System Operators for Electricity. As an international structure, it define rules and trading principles of electricity in the European continent.
Since a couple of years, its electronic data interface workgroup aim to define a standard for improving data interchange between local Transport System Operators (TSOs). Energy Identification Codes are known to be part of this standard for codification of power generation and transport facilities.
EIC Codes are intended to identity mainly the infrastructure connecting two countries but can be extended to the whole network shortly.

Such codes can be added to power networks OSM features (mainly route=power, power=substation, power=generator) and enable data consumers to bind these features with external data.
As the electricity market become very competitive, transport operators are encouraged to deliver data informing power producers and power consumers about availability issues occurring (or planed sometimes) in any part of their network. They are currently doing so by providing EIC codes beside availability bulletins. It may be really useful to get OSM geographical data beside these availability data.

It is described below at which level all of this applies. This key hasn't been reviewed by the community and is actually only here as a test to see how is it possible to add such codes to the OSM dataset.
It is obviously possible to discuss it on the Talk page.

Issuing process and offices

EIC can be both issued by the ENSTOE Central Issuing Office (CIO) or by any of the national TSOs Local Issuning Office (LIO).
CIO will only regards codes for the international power links and functions. Local codes can concern any part of the country power infrastructure.
Issued codes will contains information about the power feature and about the issuing office also.
Any local issung office will be given a unique number issued by the CIO.

Overall structure

Any EIC code can be read as follow :

  • A 2-character length word giving the identity of the issuing office (central or local)
  • A 1-character word saying to which type of object the code is referring to. Only some of them should be added to OSM which don't care about power trading instances or logical metering points.
  • A 12-character word (digits, uppercase letters or minus signs) identifying the object the code is referring to.
  • A 1-charachter word to ensure about the validity of the code (check word).
 Example : 17T-FR-00000048R standing for :
 * 17 = French TSO, RTE. The code is issued by its LIO.
 * T = Physical power line
 * -FR-00000048 = 225 kV power line number 1 between Albertville and Chavanod substations according to codes locally issued by RTE LIO.
 * R = Validity check Code.

Power circuits (not power=line, power=cable) : T-codes


Power circuits connecting two areas are identified by T-codes (the 3rd character of the code is always a T).
OSM relations, currently proposed on the Power routes proposal should be tagged accordingly.

Power generators or consumers : W-codes

Power generation or consumptions unit are part of the energy market and are identified by a W-code (the 3rd character of the code is always a W).
This section admits entities to be nested in each other : generators are linked to the plant they are installed into for instance.

OSM Feature EIC role Description
arearelation power=plant Production unit A power plant, the place where energy is produced
node power=generator Generator unit A power generator, a device which convert energy inside a power plant.

This list may be completed according to LIO codes delivered in the public documentation.

Example linking several generators to their power plant

EIC Code EIC Parent code EIC Function Name OSM feature
17W100P100P0273A Production unit Le Cheylas relation #3107020
17W100P100P0056I 17W100P100P0273A Generation unit Le Cheylas GR1 node #2381675288
17W100P100P0057G 17W100P100P0273A Generation unit Le Cheylas GR2 node #2381675295

Power substations : A-codes

Power substations are particular points where energy can be exchanged between several providers. A-codes (the 3rd character of the code is always a A) identify them regardless of their function in the power grid.

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