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Public-images-osm logo.svg zone:maxspeed
Zeichen 274.1 - Beginn einer Tempo 30-Zone, StVO 2013.svg
Used to mark streets which are part of a maxspeed zone Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Restrictions
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If a speedlimit is bound to an area and not just to a way it should be tagged with maxspeed=* and zone:maxspeed=*. This tag overlaps somewhat with source:maxspeed=* and maxspeed:type=*.

The format for the values is <country-code>:<limit-name>". While it is similar to zone:traffic=* it should not be confused with it. I.e. a 30-zone can be in a rural or a urban traffic-zone.

Country-codes should be upper-case.


Tag Comment Photo
zone:maxspeed=BG:30 Means maxspeed=30. Used often in residential areas.
zone:maxspeed=FR:30 Means maxspeed=30. Used often in residential areas. France road sign B30 (30).svg
zone:maxspeed=DE:30 Means maxspeed=30; no cycleways; no roads with right of way Zeichen 274.1.svg
zone:maxspeed=DE:motorway Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:motorway + maxspeed=none.
zone:maxspeed=DE:rural Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:rural + maxspeed=100. Zeichen 311.svg
zone:maxspeed=DE:urban Is used in areas with zone:traffic=DE:urban + maxspeed=50. Zeichen 310.svg
zone:maxspeed=IT:30  Zona 30 Italian traffic signs - zona 30 kmh.svg
zone:maxspeed=NL:30  30 km/h-zone Nederlands verkeersbord A1 30 Zone.svg
zone:maxspeed=NL:60 60 km/h-zone. Used outside of urban zones where the speed would otherwise be 80. Netherlands traffic sign A1-60-ZB.svg
zone:maxspeed=RS:10 Areas with very slow traffic. Roads are usually tagged as highway=living_street in such areas.

On such roads you have to put two tags: zone:maxspeed=RS:10 + maxspeed=10

Spain traffic signal s28.svg
zone:maxspeed=RS:30 Areas with slow traffic. Roads are usually tagged as highway=residential in such areas, but not limited to.

On such roads you have to put two tags: zone:maxspeed=RS:30 + maxspeed=30

Serbian road sign III-78.svg
zone:maxspeed=RS:school Areas within the school zone.

On such roads you have to put two tags: maxspeed=50 + maxspeed:conditional=30 @ (Mo-Fr 07:00-21:00;PH off;SH off)

RS- School zone.png
zone:maxspeed=RS:urban Areas in urban zones.

On such roads you have to put two tags: maxspeed=50 + zone:maxspeed=RS:urban

Serbia road sign III-23.1.svg

See also

  • maxspeed=* - Specifies the maximum legal speed limit on a road, railway or waterway
  • source:maxspeed=* - Records the source for a speed limit, either a sign, a context (default limit) or a speedlimit zone
  • maxspeed:type=* - The type of speed limit.
  • zone:traffic=* - Describes if a public road is in a specific trafficzone.