List of OSM centric Slack workspaces

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Slack logo.

Slack hosts spaces for working in closed teams, with communication tools such as chat sessions (with saved history for the whole team or private direct chats between existing members), event trackers, notifications, shared documents, audio/video conferences, and various connected applications.

Slack proposes clients for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android and you can also connect to workspaces from a web browser.

Anyone can create an account on Slack and use it to create a cooperative workspace or join some existing workspaces.

But you can join an existing workspace only if you also have an email address matching specific domain names allowed by the workspace administrators. Otherwise, you may request to join the work team by using an online form, or by contacting an administrator: you'll receive an invation sent by Slack to your normal email address, with an authorization code, in order to connect your new or existing Slack account with the requested workspace. You may also leave the workspace at anytime (but you'll need to join again using an authorization).

Note: This is not an official communication channel of the OSM community.

Slack workspaces

Slack worspaces Joining open for Contact or online request form to join
OSM Foundation SOTM Working Group
OSM Canada
OSM US Request to join. For everyone, not just folks from the US!
OSM Philippines
OSM Taiwan
OSM Ukraine
Maptime Oceania Request to join.