Mechanical Edits/JesseFTW/Fix MBTA stop position nodes

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There are just under 3,000 nodes tagged with network=MBTA and public_transport=stop_position in the greater Boston, USA area which are not associated with a way (as stop_position is required to be). This makes it impossible to add them to bus routes using any tool that checks for this (like Relatify). The query to see them is here:

I intend to re-tag them as public_transport=platform, and I'd like to add network:wikidata=Q171985 (the wikidata item for the MBTA network) at the same time.

Unless someone with a better tool steps up, I plan to do it in about 6 separate changesets of 500 each, using Level0 and hand-written regexes (that I'll include on this page once I write them). @Watmildon: was kind enough to do it in one changeset in JOSM.

I don't plan or expect to need to repeat this, as the vast majority of the mis-tagged nodes were added in an import, so the problem shouldn't re-occur.



The changeset also added network:wikipedia=en:Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to any un-paired (i.e. not associated with a way) nodes tagged with network:wikidata=Q171985 that were missing it.


I don't expect anyone to want to opt-out specific nodes, but if you do, the easiest way is to temporarily alter either the network=* or public_transport=* and put it back afterward. If you let me know which nodes you'd like excluded, I'm glad to do this myself.


After this was done, I checked the remaining stop_positions, and found there were 37 associated with highway=footways, which didn't seem right. So I fixed those manually. (I still have 15 more to fix around Roslindale)

Harmonizing operator

@Watmildon: did, at my request, another mechanical edit to convert the 567 entities tagged with operator=Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to match the 8,093 tagged with operator=MBTA (this is only considering the population of entities tagged with network=MBTA). And added network:guid=US-MA-MBTA, network:short=MBTA, network:wikidata=Q171985 and network:wikipedia=en:Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority as needed. <- leftovers