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Some suggestions

First of all, you need always the code of the traffic sign key. I miss in some of them .Instead of tag only the tag=value, you have also to add the code of the traffic sign because you are mapping the traffic sign also, not only the situation of the way.Also always a traffic sign is a node, you can apply to the way , to a relation, to whatever you want the tags that explain you the traffic sign. But the traffic sign itself it is good to be mapped (for inventary purposes, for example)

I see this wiki is in construction but you are missing the most used values in OSM. I think these values are the first you would have to start to talk it.

But also I miss two important things: I don't see any direction tag at the traffic signs so I don't know to which direction the traffic sign applies (only if it is oneway=yes probably I would guess it - oh wait, there are traffic signs in opposite direction like NL:C2, so you have to specify the direction of every traffic sign to make no missinterpretation of that ). Also I don't see any tag for the side of the traffic sign, to make the render and the counter be correct. As you can see with Kendzi3D some traffic signs are repeated in each side of the road. I think you can't miss that tag. The approach I have chosen with traffic signs preset is :forward and :backward , and the side tag.It would be not the perfect solution...but it works.--yopaseopor 13:29, 2 August 2017 (UTC)