North Bay

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North Bay, Ontario, Canada

latitude: 46.31, longitude: -79.45
Browse map of North Bay 46°18′36.00″ N, 79°27′00.00″ W
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North Bay is a city in Ontario, Canada at latitude 46°18′36.00″ North, longitude 79°27′00.00″ West.

Nipissing University

There is a polygon for the main building created from the Bing imagery. Many of the parking lots have been mapped and tagged, some still need to be done. The Bing imagery is old and some of the parking lots have changed and new buildings have been built. Site surveys are needed.

To Do:

  1. Map remaining parking lots
  2. Add footways
  3. Update polygons for new Gym and Library
  4. Add Parking lots at Monastery Hall and Residences

Campus Trails


To Do:

  1. Map ski trails

General Info

The sign at the trailhead lists restrictions for use of the Campus Trails. Bicycles are prohibited. The trailhead sign does not indicate the presence of cross-country ski trails even though these intersect and overlap with hiking trails. These ski trails are groomed by the University when conditions allow.


I recommend the use of the following tags for hiking trails. Didymops 19:29, 13 January 2013 (UTC)


  • Most of the ways for roads in town came from a GeoBase import in 2009. They are broken into sections and need to either be joined, or replaced with updated ways from CanVec 10 maybe.

Conservation Areas

Laurier Woods


  • All of the hiking trails in Laurier Woods Conservation Area have been mapped from GPS traces as of 2013-01-13.

General Info

Hiking trails are designated for foot and bicycle use according to the sign at the trailhead.

To Do:

  1. Area polygon for boundary?

CanVec Import

CanVec 10 data has been imported for some areas in the 031L05 and 031L06 NTS tiles.


031L05 - In progress

Area Imported? Changeset Notes
031L05.2.0 Yes Complete
031L05.2.1 Yes Complete
031L05.2.2 No
031L05.2.3 Yes Complete
031L05.3 Partial,
  • Did not replace existing roads and railways
  • natural=wood features imported in changeset 14284933 on 2012-12-15.

031L06 - In progress

Area Imported? Changeset Notes
031L06.0.0.1 Partial Only Hydrologic Features were imported
031L06.0.0.2 Partial Only Hydrologic Features were imported
031L06.0.1.0 Partial Only Hydrologic Features were imported
031L06.0.1.1 Yes Complete