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General tags in Belgium are:


The following tags might be sufficient:


The Belgian railways use the standard track gauge.

Electrification systems

The following electrification systems are used in Belgium:




Train protection

Domestic systems



Main signal

Signalling in Belgium is relatively simple, because signals and distant signals can show the same aspects and their shape is the same. Signals on lines with 2 tracks are standing on the outside, while driving on double track lines is reguarly on the left side, those signals have a fixed light, those on the opposite right track have a flashing light.

Signal sncb V.svg Signal sncb VJV.svg Signal sncb R.svg Signal sncb R+B.svg Signal sncb 2J.svg Signal sncb 2J.svg

Signals should be tagged with the following scheme:

With distant speed limit indicator

additional informations above TBD: chrevron (changement de régime); répere de voie en impasse

With speed limit indicator

additional information below TBD: lettre rebroussement


In Belgium it's very common to have signals at the same place in the counter-direction.

Those should be tagged as follows:

  • railway:signal:direction=backward this signal is standing on the right side of the track "contre-voie"
  • railway:signal:position=left tag is left because of the direction of the track itself. From the point of view from the train-driver it's on the right side.
  • ref=* Name of the signal, mostly similar to the main driving direction, i.e. ref=SX-L.74

Dwarf signals

Smaller signals:

Petit signal d'arrêt fermé.svg Petit signal d'arrêt ouvert.svg


Small signals within marshalling yards:

Speed limits

The speed of a track is tagged with:

Those speeds are indicated on the line side with speed limit sign, a distant sign or a marker for the beginning / end of a restriction. As common in the railway sector, those speeds are displayed in a value*10 km/h

Sometimes, mostly on a single track line, it's necessary to add the direction of these signs:

General reference speed sign

Panneau vitesse sncb référence.svg

Announcement of a speed limit

Panneau vitesse sncb annonce.svg

Beginning of a speed limit

Panneau vitesse sncb origine.svg

End of a speed limit

(or new higher limit below the reference speed possible)

Panneau vitesse sncb reprise1.svg

Panneau vitesse sncb reprise2.svg

ETCS signalling

Repère sncb.jpg

ETCS stop marker

Panneau de limite du canton LGV.svg

The ETCS stop marker can be tagged similar to the Netherlands:


Panto distant

Baisser panto annonce.svg

Panto down

Baisser panto exécution.svg

Panto up

Relever panto.svg