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General tags in Sweden are:


The following tags might be sufficient:

Track gauge

Heavy rail and trams use standard gauge:

Roslagsbanan is narrow gauge:

Electrification systems

The following electrification systems are used in Sweden:




Tram lines:

Stockholm metro:


All heavy rail lines:

Öresund Bridge:

Train protection

With manual train protection

With Swedish ATC (=Automatic Train Control)



Traffic side

All lines have bidirectional signalling, with the signals on double track lines being placed on the outside of the tracks. Left-hand traffic is used most lines, however right-hand traffic is used on lines in the Malmö area south of this point and on the branch line to Södertälje centrum.

Tram lines use right-hand traffic, with the exception of approximately the first 1 km of Nockebybanan from its terminus at Alvik.

General tags

These tags should be on every signal:

Main signals

Main signals exist with two aspects (from top: green, red) or three aspects (from top: green, red, green)

Combined signals

These have, besides the functionality of a Main signal, also the function that they show the signal value of the next upcoming signal, as a distant signal.

They exist with four aspects (from top: green, red, green, white) or five aspects (from top: green, red, green, white, green)

Main shunting signals

These have the function of a combined signal (as above) also combined with a shunting signal. They are only found on yards, never on the line.

Distant signals

Distant signals always have a flashing light.

They exist with two aspects (from top: green, white) or three aspects (from top: green, white, green)

Speed signals

Speed limit

SE Hastighetstavla-70.svg

Speed limit with upwards arrow

SE Hastighetstavla-pilspets-uppåt-140.svg

Distant speed limit

SE Orienteringstavla-hastighet-120.svg

Distant speed limit with ATC-överskridande

SE Orienteringstavla-hastighet-atc-överskridande-150.svg