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For describing the frequency of electrified railways or buses, electric power supply networks, and communications devices. The unit is Hertz (cycles per second).



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For describing the frequency of

  • electric power supply grids
  • electrified railways, trams, buses or other means of transportation
  • communication devices for broadcasting and two-way telecommunications


The unit of the frequency is always Hertz (cycles per second). Values lower than 1000 Hz should have no unit (frequency=50). For greater values, the SI units 'kHz' (frequency=423 kHz), 'MHz' (frequency=88.0 MHz), or GHz' (frequency=2.4 GHz) should be used. The unit should be separated by a space from the value. As decimal separator always '.' should be used.


frequency= 0 For DC. This is used for most buses, trams, metros or light rail systems.
16.67 For the railways with overhead lines in Sweden, Norway and Germany. In Germany only for railways which are not fed from the railway power grid (as in some regions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt and Brandenburg).
16.7 For the railway power grids in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also for the railways with overhead lines, which are fed from these power grids (in Austria, Switzerland and most parts of Germany).
50 For the power grids in Europe, Australia and most parts of Africa and Asia (see Wikipedia).
60 For the power grids in North America, most parts of South America, Japan and some other countries (see Wikipedia).
283 - 325 kHz For beacons sending differentiated GPS corrections (so called dGPS beacons) dGPS - GNSS Pro Reference Stations
426 kHz For NDB (an aviation navigation device) MIQ in Germany.
112.80 MHz For VOR (an aviation navigation device) WLD in Germany.

For more details about the difference between frequency=16.67 and frequency=16.7, consult Wikipedia.