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Operation Fistula Madagascar Mapping


Operation Fistula ( is working to end obstetric fistula in Madagascar. We are currently working in two regions, Sava and Vatovavy-Fitovinany, where we aim to make communes fistula-free. We are using map data to coordinate our field activities, and we want to put our resources together to improve the OpenStreetMap database.

A small team of experienced mappers will work to put buildings, transportation links and water features on the map.

Field teams will collect data from time to time using various tools including OsmAnd mobile application.


For any question, contact Dolly at We will also be responsive through local mailing lists and changeset comments.


We're using the hashtags #opfistula #projectfree for every edit inside the frame of our activity.


Mapping activities started on March 2020.

Tools and Data Sources

Our field teams are collecting data using OsmAnd. We recommend our remote mapping team to edit OSM data with JOSM.


OSM users who are currently working in our team:

OSM users who have worked with us in the past:


We're only hiring experienced mappers so we don't need to provide basic OSM editing trainings.

Our specific mapping instructions can be found on this GitHub page and are partly based on these resources:

Quality Measuring

Our mapping is coordinated through HOT Tasking Manager, making it easier to check the completeness and the quality of the data.

Before sending edits to OpenStreetMap, every mapper will check errors with JOSM Validator and try to fix all errors and warnings.

Every time a tasking manager project is finished, overall cleanups and error fixes are once again done (through JOSM and Osmose) to make sure data from all tasks are coherent.


Please see this Tableau Public visualization for statistics about our OpenStreetMap edits as of 18 December 2020. As a summary, Operation Fistula's mapping team has covered 18,123 km², sent 21,253 OSM changesets and made 9,868,363 map changes including: