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The Osm.org Routing Demo shows how we can add routing to the main page. Try it now !

It is just a proposal that is open for comments from the public. The ultimate decision lies with the system administrators and the foundation. After approval, it is likely that extra hardware will have to be procured.

If you think the calculated route is wrong

If you think the calculated route is wrong, consider this:

  • If no route could be found, then the first segment will also be an illegal jump, typically much longer. This usually happens when there is some kind of barrier between the start and end point, like a river or the sea. Please investigate what methods exist to cross it (bridges or ferry routes) and add them to the map.
  • A bicycle route can include ways for which bicycles aren't allowed. The intention is then that the rider should dismount and walk. If you dislike this behaviour please discuss it on the talk page.
  • Motorcars will only be routed over highway=track ways if they are tagged with a motorcar=* tag. It is however advisable that mappers add a motorcar tag to every track, because without them the router will only be speculating.
  • When there is not turn restrictions on the junctions that connect high speed bidirectional ways to the network, the router may suggest a dangerous u-turn. Mappers are advised to follow these guidelines.
  • Many tags aren't supported. Please be patient while we implement them.

How to tag restricted areas

  • If the area has only one entrance, no special tagging is required. If guests need to ask for permission before entering the area, use access=permissive, access=destination or access=yes on all the roads inside the area. If there is a barrier=gate, you need to explicitly tag it with access=yes.
  • If there are 2 or more entrances and guests are only allowed to use one of those entrances, tag the main gate with access=yes and the others with access=no.
  • If guests are allowed to use more than one entrance and you want to prohibit routes that take short cuts through the area: Tag the gates with access=yes and tag every way inside the area with access=destination.

Note that we are not concerned with residents, owners or people with already have special permission. They know the area well enough. Most of the time they don't need routing. When they do, it's up to them to model their own situation by e.g. adding via points or simply ignoring the SatNav while inside the restricted area and letting it recalculate the route after leaving the area.


1. YOURS integrated into the front page. Many bugs were fixes, including IE support. It is hidden in under the layers so that the layout is still reasonable on small web browsers. Hiding it also reduces the server load while we are uncertain of the demand. Currently the server is coping quite well.

With 'Recommended', the system will try to find a good balance between travel time, distance, safety and comfort to an average person.

2. A copy of the front page before the integration so that we can run a diff.

3. The Gosmore routing engine with load control code added. After filtering out all non-routing entities, the binary data takes only 9GB. We now have a dedicated machine with 16GB RAM, so it never has to read anything from disk.

Updates have been disabled for the time being.

4. Routing-instructions was written by Dennis Nienhüser. It uses the kdeedu/marble_qt.po translations.

5. Nominatim for searching and reverse lookups.


Post your feedback on the talk page or email nroets@gmail.com. Please include the permalink from the and try to keep the route as short as possible.

Can I use the service in other websites / applications ?

Yes, currently the service is completely free. We may need to charge a small fee in the future just to cover the cloud costs. So please contact us. Your details will be kept private.

Can you help me set up the stack elsewhere ?

There is a significant cost to run the stack:

  • Processing the planet takes many CPU hours
  • Enough RAM to cache the whole planet is expensive
  • Lots of spare capacity is needed because demand spikes can be much higher than average usage.
  • Sysadmin man hours are scarce

So we strongly advise that you use the servers mentioned above.

Where is the Add Waypoint button ?

It is no longer necessary as the routes are dragable

Where has the permalink gone ?

The permalink in the map now contains all the information.