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Sport and activity month

May 2011 is sport and activity month. The Project of the Month is to map sport pitches in your area. Other sport and activity related objects will be Project of the Week for the remainder of May. This week, we add sports centres to the map.

Sports Centre

Lung Sum Avenue Sports Centre

A sports centre caters to several or many individual sports by providing the infrastructure for participants in those sports. A racquet sports centre might include playing courts for tennis, squash and racquetball among others. A general sports centre might include a multi-purpose gymnasium, outdoor fields for soccer, rugby, football and baseball and indoor and outdoor courts for volleyball. A sports centre might include a gym for strength and flexibility exercises but is distinguished from amenity=gym by the presence or dominance of multiple sport infrastructure.

Required tags

Sports centres are suitable for mapping as either points or areas in OpenStreetMap. The only tags required are

For a building polygon

Recommended tags

Add addressing information as well.

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