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Avalanche transceiver
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Babouche Verte
Applies to: node,area
Definition: This aims to tag properly avalanche transceiver training zone and avalanche transceiver checkpoint
Drafted on: 2021-04-28


It is proposed to create a tag to map two different object linked with avalanche transceiver (AT for the rest of the page), also known as avalanche beacon. An AT is a small electronic device a skier (ski touring, backcountry, off-road, etc) has under his clothes, in "emission" mode. If the skier is taken by an avalanche, the others members of his group turn their AT in "search" mode and it helps finding your friend alive under the snow. An AT is one the three basic emergency tools every backcountry skier have. The two others is tube (to precisely search for your friend under the snow) and shovel (tu pull out your friend from the snow). You have to train often to be able, in case of emergency, to behave fast and save your friend. That's why many resort (at least in Europe, I don't know for other places) have created AT training zone. It's a place where you can easily burry your AT and train to use your AT to find it. Those places are shown on resort map (search for exemple for "DVA parc" in Chamonix's ski map). They are all free access, no fees to go in. Some of them are "automatic" which means there are already few AT burried under the snow and you have to find them, some are manual (you have to burry them, and then find them). I propose this tagging scheme for AT training zone : training=avalanche-transceiver. It can be used for both nodes or areas.

The second things to map with this key is avalanche transceiver checkpoint. It is a fixed instalation that detect your AT when it's on "emission" mode and then tell you if it works well. It's sometimes put on official resort map, as you can see it on the "les deux Alpes" ski map. They are most of the time at the entrance of well-known backcountry, or at the arrival of major lifts. I propose to map it with checkpoint=avalanche_transceiver, just for nodes.


Before skiing off roads, it can be usefull to know where is the closest AT checkpoint to check if your AT works well.

For training zone, the utility of mapping the place where you can train to save your friend's life seems obvious ! :)


Key Value Applies to Discussion
training avalanche_transceiver node,area for the AT training zone
checkpoint avalanche_transceiver node for the AT checkpoint

Optional tags :

Key Value Applies to Discussion
ele * both if usefull, for both training and checkpoint
yes / no training to tell if the AT training zone is automatic or manual
indoor yes / no checkpoint for AT checkpoint in arrival of lift, to tell if the checkpoint is in or inside the building


Exemple of a training zone :


It may have a rendering only for specifics usecases, like opensnowmap.

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