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Chapel of rest
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Vollis
Tagging: amenity=chapel_of_rest
Applies to: node area
Definition: a room or building where families and friends can come and view someone who has died before their funeral
Drafted on: 2020-09-21
RFC start: 2020-09-21


OSM has several tags surrounding cemeteries and funeral services, e.g. shop=funeral_directors for service providers who organise funerals, sell coffins, provide transport of the body and do related paperwork, or the recently approved tag amenity=funeral_hall for premises used for funeral ceremonies (other than places of worship). While such funeral halls for ceremonies are widespread in certain countries, elsewhere they are rare but one would rather find rooms where families and friends can come and view the deceased person in the days between the moment they died and their funeral (e.g. funérarium in France). Such amenites likewise deserve their tag, and having one will also help to avoid confusion between both kinds of amenities.

Chapels of rest can come as standalone premises (sometimes commercial, sometimes public). In that case, the basic tagging would be:


They however are also often an ancillary amenity in other premises, in which case it is suggested to use a subtag:




After a preliminary discussion, I have chosen the label "chapel of rest" which seems to be a fairly standard and neutral description in British English. If however a consensus seems to emerge in favour of some other solution, I will readily shift the proposal there.

Update: On the tagging mailing list, I had floated "funeral viewing rooms", but several people thought that this rather sounds like a room from which the funeral can be observed. "Pre-funeral viewing rooms" was mentioned but judged rather clumsy. Nothing else for now that stands out.


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