Proposed features/Discourage amenity=public building

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Discourage amenity=public_building
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Math1985
Tagging: amenity=public_building
Applies to:
Definition: DISCOURAGED, use a more specific tag, such as office=government or office=administrative, instead
Drafted on: 2016-01-15

This proposal has been abandoned in favour of Proposed_features/Government_offices.


Explicitly mark the tag amenity=public_building as discouraged by changing the wiki page to contain the following text:

The use of this tag is discouraged. A more specific tag should be used instead. If the particular use is not known, a new survey might be necessary.

Some examples:

Other relevant tags might be


The tag amenity=public_building never had a clear definition. It has been marked as 'Don't use' on the wiki, apparently without discussion, since 2010 (see ). It is used for a wide range of different things, such as government buildings, train stations, expo halls, art centres, municipal sport centres, and band stands, amongst others. Nearly all of these have more specific other tags.

Some mappers use this tag for government buildings. However, the tags office=government and office=administrative seem more suitable as these tags have a more precise definition.

The tag is still widely used (111 941 instances), and supported by JOSM. For this reason, and because marking the tag as "Don't use" has never been discussed with the community before, it seems to make sense to discuss the status of this tag with the community.