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A hurricane evacuation route shield in New Orleans, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina. The signage below suggests tuning to WWL Radio or sister station WLMG for emergency information.
Evacuation Route
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Sparks
Tagging: evacuation_route=*
Applies to: Way
Definition: Emergency evacuation routes, with direction, for various types of emergencies.
Rendered as: Clients should be able to follow a route without based on current location to exit the area quickly and safely. Maps should be able to highlight emergency routes.
Drafted on: 2017-09-07
RFC start: 2017-09-07
Vote start: "when voting can be started"
Vote end: "when voting is finished"


Improve the key:evacuation_route tag to include the type of emergency, the direction of the route, and any contact information that may be associated with the route.


The current key:evacuation_route tag is quite deficient in information and is only sparsely used (4432 times as of 2017-09-07). In an emergency/disaster, it is important for people to have this information at their fingertips quickly to be able to get out of harms way.


In the United States, many (all?) coastal states along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico have hurricane evacuation routes to aid people's evacuation away from their homes and vacation spots. Many (all?) localities around nuclear power plants and other hazardous materials-handling facilities also require evacuation planning including pre-defined routes. These routes are typically signed with a round, blue evacuation route sign.

In countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, many (all?) have tsunami evacuation routes that route people to higher ground.


evacuation_route = hurricane
information:eas = 870 kHz
information:eas = 101.9 MHz

evacuation_route = nuclear

evacuation_route = tsunami

evacuation_route = *

Applies to

This tagging would apply to highway ways.


It would be nice to have some sort of an emergency feature on the client side that would highlight emergency routes, along with placing emergency POIs, on the map. The ability for a client to immediately route to an evacuation route and then follow the evacuation route from their current location should be the goal.

Features/Pages affected

This would affect the current key:evacuation_route page. I would also like to see an entry or link made somewhere to the key:emergency page. If we're adding tags around obtaining information along the route (as seen in my example: information:eas = 870 kHz)(where "eas" stands for Emergency Alert System) then we'll need to feel that out in the information key as well.

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