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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Something B
Tagging: gender_segregated=*

Draft started: 2022-09-27
RFC start: 2022-09-27


Tag which indicates gender segregation.


Established tagging of gender segregation isn't exist.

female=yes and male=yes indicates that the facility is accessible for females and males, but no explicit indication for segregation.

Disagreements about unisex=*

There is some disagreement about whether unisex=yes means gender neutral, or is a shorthand for male=yes + female=yes"



Designated areas

Primarily for facilities that often have single-gender areas like toilets, showers, dressing rooms, etc. This tags could also apply to other types of facilities like educational institutions, religious places and other places where genders may be separated.

Designation Tagging Explanation
All (or no) genders gender_segregated=no POI is designated for use by all (or no specific) genders, no separate areas exist for any gender
Female + Male gender_segregated=yes POI is designated for female and male use in separated areas (or each area may be mapped separately)
All genders with additional female and male areas gender_segregated=optional POI is designated for use by all genders, a gender neutral area as well as separated areas for females and males exist (or each area may be mapped separately)
Female gender_segregated=female_only POI is designated for use by females, no other gender designation exists
Male gender_segregated=male_only POI is designated for use by males, no other gender designation exists

Hairdresser shops

Tagging hairdresser shops is not affected.

Facilities for disables persons, children, etc.

Separate unisex areas for disable persons may be mapped gender_segregated=no, or if facility have separate male and female areas with additional unisex room designated for disabled persons, whole facility may be mapped as gender_segregated=optional.

Facilities which are adapted for children, may be tagged with child=yes in addition to tags above, but it is recommendation only.

Difference between "sex" and "gender"

Difference between "sex" and "gender" isn't relevant in this context.


If facility have separate male, female or mixed-gender (gender neutral or unisex) areas, it may be mapped either as:

Both approaches are OK.


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