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Public Transport Platform no Infrastructure
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: public_transport=platform
Applies to: node way area
Definition: Public_transport=platform should be defined as usage not infrastructure.

Rendered as: -
Draft started: 2016-05-27


public_transport=platform should be defined as usage and not infrastructure. It will continue to define the places where passengers wait for public transport of any type. But it will not define a physical platform on itself. If the tag is used as a way way or area area it should be used in combination with tags on which people can walk and/or vehicles can drive, like highway=*, highway=platform and railway=platform.


Note: Quotes are in italics and unless otherwise noted from public_transport=platform

public_transport=platform has a simple explanation: To identify the places where passengers wait for public transport of any type, including boarding facilities at airports, bus stations, ports, railway stations, as well as for ski lifts and at roadside bus stops, taxi ranks.. But it's semantic meanings in terms of physical representation are problematic.

When no physical infrastructure is present it should be used as a node

When physical infrastructure is present it should be used as way or area, now defining the physical infrastructure. However it is often recommended to add other physical tags:

  • Most notable railway=platform when it's a railway platform. This comes from OpenRailwayMap/Tagging#Platforms and the decision to differ between infrastructure (railway*=*) and usage (public_transport) [1].
  • highway=footway if the platform is connected to another way with highway=*
  • Passenger ferry platforms might be comparable to a bus platform, but tagging motor vehicle access to ferries without highway=* seems not advisable.

This currently leaves only one spot: public_transport=platform which...

  • are not railway platforms
  • are not motor vehicle platforms (ferry)
  • are not part of a highway=footway/path
  • are tagged as node way or area area

should currently be tagged with public_transport=platform alone and interpreted as physical feature. In my view this definition is too narrow.

Summary of advantages:

  • Concept of "waiting area" is decoupled from physical feature
  • Tagging of platforms for railways and others has same rules
  • Helps rendering of platforms without diving into public_transport=*
  • Platforms with and without usage for mass transit are tagged with same physical tag



This affects the future rendering of non-railway platforms in the Standard tile layer. It decouples the rendering of the physical platform and the rendering of an icon of the stop.

Features/Pages affected

... an some others which will be checked by search function.

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