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Security guard
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Kylenz
Tagging: (amenity=security + security=*) or (office=security)
Applies to: node area
Definition: This proposal clarifies the difference between office=security and amenity=security, and deprecates surveillance:type=guard
Draft started: 2022-03-26
RFC start: 2022-03-26


This proposal seeks to clarify the difference between office=security and a new tag: amenity=security which replaces surveillance:type=guard.


There is a distinct difference between the office of a security company, and a Guard Hut / Guard Post. It is important to identify this difference.


Tag Definition Characteristics
office=security An office of a security company.
  • Houses the administrative staff of the security company.
  • Security guards are not stationed here.
  • Guards might start their shift here, or wait here to be dispatched, but they do not operate from this building.
  • Guards might visit here to pickup vehicles or equipment, but they do not operate from this building.
  • These places are generally not intended for the public to visit, but like any other office, there may be a reception for inquirys.
amenity=security A place where guard(s) are stationed
  • A base where security guards stand by.
  • A place where security guards monitor an area.
  • A checkpoint where security guards control access into a location.


man_made=surveillance + surveillance:type=guard will be deprecated in favour of amenity=security[1]

Sub Tags

security=* can be used with amenity=security to further define the type of security. Similar to police=*.

Sub Tag Definition
security=checkpoint A checkpoint operated by private security, similar to police=checkpoint and military=checkpoint.
security=operations_centre An operations centre where security cameras are remotely monitored.

Other situations:

Examples of office=security

Examples of amenity=security


No proposed changes. Current rendering:

Tag node As a Node area As a Building
office=security Rendering security office node.png Rendering security office building.png
amenity=security Not rendered Rendering security guard building.png

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