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Transport modes on platforms and stations
Status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: SelfishSeahorse
Applies to:
Definition: Recommendation to add transport mode tags on public_transport=platform and public_transport=station.
Drafted on: 2018-09-12
RFC start: 2018-09-12


The current public transport scheme is complemented with a recommendation to add the transport mode tags (bus=*, tram=*, train=*, ferry=* etc.) on public_transport=platform and public_transport=station.


Without transport mode tags, public_transport=platform and public_transport=station can't be rendered (or with a generic icon only). Therefore, they have to be double-tagged with the older public transport tags (highway=bus_stop, railway=tram_stop, railway=station, amenity=bus_station, amenity=ferry_terminal etc.) or, if public_transport=platform is mapped as a way or area, a separate node for the older public transport tags has to be mapped.

Adding the transport mode tags would allow public_transport=platform and public_transport=station to be rendered. Thus, it would no longer be necessary to double-tag or double-map the older public transport tags, which would make public transport mapping more efficient and clearer.

Note that public_transport=platform is better suited for rendering (as well as routing) compared to public_transport=stop_position because it tells passengers on which side of the road or rail they need to wait for the public transport vehicle.

In contrast to other proposals that want to improve public transport mapping, this proposal tries to change as little as possible.


As of September 2018, 57% of TagInfo public_transport=platform and 37% of TagInfo public_transport=station already have transport mode tags.


Example of bus and tram stops (with/without physical platform) tagged public_transport=platform + transport mode(s).

Rendering (example)

Rendering example from OsmAnd of two public_transport=platform with train=yes transport mode tags (location)

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