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Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: stanton
Tagging: access=resident
Applies to: way
Definition: Restricts access to residents
Rendered as: Same as access=private
Drafted on: 2011-01-04


A road tagged as access=resident may be used by residents of adjoining land/houses but not other people. Instead of access=*, any other key listed under access=* may be used.


Two access tags, access=destination and access=private are already available and similar in meaning, but there is a significant difference:

access=destination denotes a road that is usually on public ground and may only be used to reach an adjoining house or piece of land; this includes owners, tenants and residents as well as visitors, clients and suppliers. (In Austria, this would be referred to as Anrainerverkehr; in Italy the common terminology is "solo veicoli destinati all'interno della proprietà" - only vehicles having the property as their destination).

access=private denotes a road that is privately owned and may be used by the owner and anyone to whom the owner has given permission.

The proposed tag, access=resident denotes a road that is usually on public ground and may be used only by the owners, tenants and residents of adjoining houses or pieces of land (referred to as Anrainer in Austria, "solo residenti" in Italy). Unlike access=destination, visitors, clients or suppliers do not have a right of way. It is also different from access=private in that the road itself is usually not on private property and that access is not at the discretion of the land or house owners.

One case I have in mind for this tag is a forest road which leads to an inn. It is closed to all vehicle traffic, except for the owner of the inn (who lives there), as well as a shuttle bus and agricultural/forestry vehicles (which can be handled with bus=*, agricultural=* and forestry=* tags). Specifically, guests of the inn are not allowed to drive on this road, taxis are also not allowed (in fact the restriction was put in place because of repeated problems with taxi drivers). There is a gate at the entrance to keep out all unadmitted vehicle traffic. The existing tags are not sufficient to represent this kind of restriction.

How to Map

In most cases the restriction applies only to vehicle traffic (or motor vehicle traffic); pedestrians are usually allowed access.

Where the restriction applies to all vehicle traffic:

Where the restriction applies to motorized traffic:

Any transportation mode can be used with this value - examples:

How to Render

Roads tagged in this manner are preferably rendered in the same way as roads tagged access=private since both tags are similar in nature: access is restricted to a well-defined group of persons and independent of their reasons for using the road.

The representation used for access=destination, where it differs from the rendering for access=private, is less suitable since the access=destination tag restricts the reasons for which the road may be used but not the people who may use it.


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