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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: B-unicycling
Tagging: artwork_subject=exhibitionist
Applies to: node
Definition: Exhibitionist artwork is artwork depicting human or half-human creatures exposing themselves, often found in or on medieval churches or temples of other religions.

Rendered as: default artwork rendering
Drafted on: 2021-05-13


It is proposed to be able to tag certain types of (mostly medieval) sculptures and reliefs which can be grouped as "exhibitionist". They include sheela na gigs (stone carvings of women exposing their genitals), mermaids and (less common) male figurative art depicting figures exposing their genitals. This should follow the convention of artwork_subject=religious. It is suggested to use a node along the wall or - in case of them being moved to a museum - otherwise location, when mapping. It is *not* not be used for grotesques or gargoyles, but rather for individual depictions of the subject, because it would otherwise lead to unnecessary micro-mapping.


Exhibitionist (medieval) art is at least as interesting and relevant as religious art. The group classification as exhibitionist is chosen to avoid a too narrow cultural approach.


Caption text
Tag Explanation
tourism=artwork Implied for artwork.
artwork_type=sculpture OR artwork_type=relief Depending on circumstances.
for sheela-na-gigs
for mermaids

Additional tags

Caption text
Tag Explanation
material=* most likely stone, but can be more specific, i.e. limestone or sandstone etc.
width=* and height=* if accessible
moved=yes If the object has been moved to a museum or has otherwise been moved from its presumed original location.



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