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Shared foot- and cycleway
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: ulamm
Tagging: highway=foot_cycleway
Applies to: linear
Definition: Slim tagging of a path or track that is designated for shared use of pedestrians and cyclists on eqal rights.

Rendered as: Shape and colours of the sigature shall be between those of footway and cycletrack
RFC start: 2014-12-28

Several coutries have sideways as well as indepdent tracks and paths for shared use of pedestrians and cyclists, marked by a special road sign. This shared use on equal rights has to be distinguished from the permission to cycle on footways in pedestrian speed.


Nowadays, such ways are recorded by a combination of four tags: highway=path or highway=cycleway with bicycle=designated + foot=designated + segregated=no, this does not even include the necessary recording of the cycling direction or bidirectionality and (in a country that provides both possibilities) obligatory vs. optional, nor informations on surface (also inevitable) and widths.

Such a standard class of ways has to be defined by one tag instead of four ones: highway=foot_cycleway

International survey

40px Australia sign R8-2
Vorschriftszeichen 17a-a.svg and Hinweiszeichen 28a.svg Austria left: sign 17a-a, obligatory (for both)
right: sign 28a, optional for cyclists)
Belgian road sign D10.svg Belgium sign D10
none Brasilia
Canada Shared Path Sign.svg Canada
C09acr.jpg Czech Republic sign C 9a
none Denmark
Finland road sign 423.svg Finland sign 423
FR-B54+C113+M9z.png and C115 1.png France left: shared zone for pedestrians and cyclists
right: sign C115 on greenways
Zeichen 240 - Gemeinsamer Fuß- und Radweg, StVO 1992.svg Germany sign 240
Road-sign-p66.svg Greece sign P66
Hungary road sign D-027.svg Hungary sign D-027
Pedestrians and bicycles.png Israel
none Italy
Japan road sign 325-3.svg Japan sign 325-3
Norwegian-road-sign-522.0.svg Norway sign 522.0
Znak C-13-16.svg or Znak C-13-16.png[1] Poland sign C-13-16
Portugal D7e.png[2] Portugal sign D7e
? Romania
4.5.2 Russian road sign.svg Russia sign 4.5.2
none [3] South Africa
none Spain
Sweden road sign D6.svg Sweden sign D6
CH-Vorschriftssignal-Gemeinsamer Rad- und Fussweg.svg Switzerland sign 2.63.1
UK traffic sign 956.svg United Kingdom sign 956
none USA


The term ought to be available also for roadline-tagged tracks, such as
highway=secundary + foot_cycleway:right=forward + cycleway:left=backward + sidewalk=left.
That won't be wrong. It's a matter of dicussion, if the name with or without underscore is preferred.


Like highway=footway and highway=cycleway


Signature in an intermediate colour between footway colour and cycleway colour.


Speed score below carriageways and pure cycletracks, but better than tracks and paths with "footway/cycling permitted"-signs.