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hail and ride
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: miklcct
Applies to:
Definition: Public transport hail-and-ride sections
Rendered as: None
Drafted on: 2017-05-04
RFC start: 2017-05-04


This proposal adds the indication of hail and ride sections of public transport routes.


Quoted from Wikipedia:

Hail and ride is boarding or alighting a mode of public transport by signalling the driver or conductor that one wishes to board or alight, rather than the more conventional system of using a designated stop.

For the way segment to be tagged hail_and_ride, the passenger must be able to hail and ride anywhere along the segment, or alighting anywhere on the segment by telling the driver, not limited to places where signs exist. This role is not for services which only allows passengers to board/alight at designated places where the vehicle does not stop if no request is made.


The current public transport schema tags services routes with the ways where the vehicle goes, the places where the vehicle stops for picking/dropping passengers, and also the places where the passengers wait for a vehicle. However, on some services passengers can request boarding/alighting along a segment on the route without fixed stops.


All minibus routes in Hong Kong operates in a hail-and-ride manner.


Add a role hail_and_ride to the relevant sections along the route of the public transport route relation (e.g. type=route, route=share_taxi / route=bus / etc.)

Applies to

Public transport route relations


None on the main app, but can be shown with some distinctions from other route sections on public transport maps. Also used with public transport routing.

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