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Railtrails - Tag:highway=cycleway + railway=abandoned
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: MasiMaster
Applies to: way, relation
Definition: A tag combination for cycleway/hiking-trail, which is a disused and converted railway
Rendered as: rendering could be bigger blue dots or purple dots
Drafted on: 2012-01-29
RFC start: 2012-01-30


A Railtrail (german: Bahntrassenradweg) is a disused railway, which converted into a multiuse path, normaly for cycling, inlineskating or hiking. The characteristic is the verry low inclination (normaly 2 % to maximum 4 %), which is ideal for cycling. There are less crossing, old railway-bridges and -tunnels, so you can cycle long distance with less power use. It's a bit like a motorway (german: Autobahn) for bicycles. Many ways have old (diused) railway-relicts like tunnels, viaducts, railway-signals, or departure platform. They are normaly away from street an towns, so you can enjoy the wonderfull nature. The quality is normaly much better than other cycleways.

Why should we tag them?

The first reason is, that some people like to see these ways "highlithing" on maps.
It's also good for routing, so you can prefer this ways.


other special-tags are possible:



Do you have some ideas?

  • a purpel dotted line (like cycleway in Mapnik).
  • bigger dotted blue (red) line.
  • Why not using a mixture of both (rail and trail): Dashed line like normal cycleway but grey railway line in the background 200PX
Nice idea, but I think it should be more identifiable as a cycleway (it's only a special cycleway, but not a real railway). Maybe we could move it more to cycleway-lock.
  • "tracktype=grade3" in blue Mapnik-tracktype-grade3.png
  • Railtrail rendering example.png

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