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Public-images-osm logo.svg boat
A.16 Fahrverbot.svg
Permissão de acesso para embarcações. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Grupo: restrições
Usado nos elementos
não deve ser usado em pontospode ser usado em linhaspode ser usado em áreasuso em relações não especificado
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Situação: de facto

See also access=*.


  • boat=unknown The access conditions are unknown or unclear. This is the default value for most features.
  • boat=yes The public have official, legally-enshrined right of access, i.e. it's a right of way.
  • boat=designated The route is marked as being a preferred route, usually for a specific vehicle type or types.
  • boat=permissive The owner gives general permission for access.
  • boat=private The owner may give permission on an individual basis.
  • boat=no Access by this transport mode is not permitted, they don't have a right of way.

See also

  • Suggested extended list for ship access at access=*