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It has been proposed that this page be deleted or replaced by a redirect. See the discussion page for further information.
The given reason is: The purpose of this page is limited. It is a list of funny route requests over very long distances. However, it is unmaintained and all the links to OSRM are broken again (they have been fixed 4 years ago). I don't think that the page is a part of the documentation of OSM which is worth to be kept if it is part of the documentation at all; the page will not be deleted as long as there are still links to this page.

This "Taxi to ..." mini-project is funny approach to showcase the global strength of OSM's grassroot approach. The idea is to compare long-distance routing results on OSM data with those from other routing providers. And we're talking real long distances here.

In most of the cases the road layout for the route is already covered in OSM data but it's either not connected (duplicate nodes) or incorrectly tagged. Use Keepright to pinpoint these errors down and fix them in your area.

Taxi to ...

Route Comment OSRM Google Maps Yahoo! Maps

Cairo, Egypt ⬌ Nordkapp, Norway

(North Africa to the pole)

Route part Ankara <-> Nordkapp shows a 500 km difference: 4 994 km Cloudmade 5 477 km Google 6 782 km 9 665 km No Route

New Delhi, India ⬌Lisbon, Portugal

India to Europe 9 925 km No Route

Bamako, Mali ⬌ Cape Town, South Africa

(Through Africa)

10 371 km No Route

Anchorage, Alaska, USA ⬌ Panama City, Panama

Panamericana North 7 255 km 6 891 miles (11 087 km) No Route

Punta Arenas, Chile ⬌ Caracas, Venezuela

Parts of Panamericana South 9 405 km No route available. 10220.9km

Melbourne ⬌ Darwin


3 753 km 3 761 km No Route

Ibusuki ⬌ Wakkanai

(Japan South to North)

Google's public transport link is cool. 2 889 km (Public transport) No Route

Fisterra ⬌ Omsukchan (Омсукчан)

(Portugal to Eastern Russia)

Westernmost to easternmost routable point on the Eurasia landmass. 14 368 km No Route

Nordkapp, NO ⬌ Villa S. Giovanni, IT

(Straight Central European North-South)

Wanted to go down to Pachino on Sicily, but the ferry-link to Siciliy doesn't seem to work 4 899 km 4 947 km (car), 5 358 km (walk with 1 222 km ferry) 5249,5 km

Pillars of Hercules

(Tarifa (near Gibraltar) to Ceuta)

110 km 66,1 km

Brest ⬌ Vladivostok

"Une Europe de Brest à Vladivostok" comme disait le Général de Gaulle 11 626 km No Route

North bank of Alaska, USA ⬌ Panama City

Some detours. 8 699 km 5 345 miles, 8 600 km No Route

south of Ponta Arenas, Chile ⬌ Belem

PA, Brazil

7 500 km No route No Route

Abha, Saudi Arabia ⬌ Extreme East Russia

(Vostok area)

12 122 km No Route

Surt, Libya ⬌ Extreme East Russia

(Vostok area)

13 384 km No route available. No Route

Lhasa, Tibet, China ⬌ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Descent from the highest to the lowest capital in the world 9 566 km No route available. No Route

Panama City ⬌ Goose Bay, NB, Canada

9 482 km No route available. No Route

Camino de Santiago

Le Puy en Velay ⬌ Santiago de Compostela

Via Podensis & Camino Francés pilgrimage 1 351 km (bij car) 1321 km 1490.7 km (by car)

Via Romea Francigena


Via Romea Francigena pilgrimage 1 734 km (by car) [1] not relevant : too much ferry for a pilgrimage

Cologne Main Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof) ⬌ Athen

Reported in the media: Taxi crossed half Europe due to Icelandic volcano eruption. 2 536 km 2578,6km

South Afrika ⬌ East China

Seems that theres a lot of new road in africa. 19 964 km No Route No Route

Cairo ⬌ Beirouth

Dream of peace. 1 061 km No Route

Silk Road

Xi'an to Antakya 8 285 km No Route No Route

Croisière noire

André Citroën expedition through Africa, 1924-1925 15871 km

Croisière jaune

André Citroën expedition through Asia, 1931-1932 Pamir group: 9421 km
China group: No Route

News from Tartary/Forbidden Journey

Peter Fleming and Ella (Kini) Maillart travelled from Beijing to Gilgit (via the Takla Makan) in 1935. 6 511 km No route

Longest Routing

From somewhere near Vladivostok
to somewhere near Cape Town

Probably the longest routing available on any public routing engine. 20 803 km 27,193 km

Even Longer Routing

From Omsukchan (Омсукчан)
to somewhere near Cape Town

Probably the longest routing available on any public routing engine. Google routes through Europe and go by ferry between Marseille and Alger.

A longer route will probably become available in the future because of a highway to Anadyr (Анадырь) under construction

23 830 km