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Norway, Europe

latitude: 65, longitude: 15
Browse map of Norway 65°00′00.00″ N, 15°00′00.00″ E
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Norway is a Country in Europe at latitude 65°00′00.00″ North, longitude 15°00′00.00″ East.
Flag of Norway Norway Mapping Project,
the home of Norway on the OpenStreetMap wiki.
Hello! Welcome to the project for mapping efforts in Norway!
You can find here national events, ongoing projects, map status and mapping guidelines, as well as links to other pages directly related to the mapping of Norway.
You may also find a list of contacts and mappers involved with the OpenStreetMap community in Norway.

Mapping projects are collaborative efforts by people with common interests to map a particular territory or to improve mapping for a particular topic and there are also projects that develop and improve the software and services that make OpenStreetMap possible.

This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to Norway. See Norwegian Map Features for assistance with tagging specific Norwegian features.

Goals for completing the map

For the map to be "complete" the following topics needs to be completed. The ones with strike through are more or less finished (2018)

First priority

  • Roads (for cars) with names and speed limits
  • Roads for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Land cover (coastline, forests, lakes, rivers etc.)
  • Railways
  • Addresses
  • Place names
  • National parks and nature reserves

Second priority

  • Public services: Health care (hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacies)
  • Culture: Museums, concert venues, theaters, cinemas, libraries, art galleries
  • Education: Universities, schools (primary/secondary school, high school) and kindergartens
  • Leisure: Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, sports pitches, beaches, gyms etc

Special interest topics

The Norwegian community within OpenStreetMap is interested in mapping many different features. You are welcome to find your area of interest and participate.

  • Transportation: At the heart of OSM is information about the road network, railways and public transport. When you contribute in adding and updating this information you improve routing in many apps and map services.
  • Shops: The street-part of OpenStreetMap wouldnt be the same without shops along the streets. A project is underway to import, and update, shops with data from the chains themselves.
  • Infrastructure: There are projects for adding power infrastructure which focuses on mapping the electric distribution and generation systems as well as communication towers.
  • Recreation, Sports and Leisure: There are many groups mapping information relevant to different outdoor activities, including hiking, winter sports, mountain biking, bicycle routes, and a separate projects for Oslomarka and bicycle routes in Oslo. When you contribute in these areas you help improving the free maps on Garmin and on other apps and map services.
  • Nature, Conservation and Environment: A large project is in progress to import topography/land cover for Norway. This is a dataset that contains all rivers, lakes, forests and other land uses in Norway. Another project is importing nature reserves and other protected areas in Norway. There is also an opportunity to map archeological and architectural sites.
  • Place names: You may contribute in adding place names. The address import is updating all addresses.
  • Buildings: Many buildings are still not mapped in OSM and you may contribute in adding them.
  • Public services: There have been projects to add places of worship, fire stations, police stations, schools, recycling locations, physicians etc. You may contribute by adding kindergartens. Please see Public Services for an overview.
  • Marine mapping: The international OpenSeaMap project collects and adds information which is helpful at sea or at the seaside, including locations of lighthouses and details of harbours. All seamarks have been imported in Norway, however they need to be kept up to date. Many parts of the Norwegian coastline needs to be refined.
  • Administrative Boundaries: Norwegian Administrative Boundaries is a project which updates administrative boundaries in Norway whenever municipalities are consolidated.

Other topics

  • Historic: For features that no longer exist in OSM and the world, the Open Historical Map project collects and renders a separate API, database and rendering stack, with the aim to have a time-enabled map of everything that used to exist.


On an average day there are 28 people adding to the map mappers in Norway [1], and over the last two months about 400 mappers map something [2] contributing over 3 million changes in the map . For an incomplete list of mappers have a look at Category:Users in Norway, People involved and OSM Stats for Norway


We have a

- Mailing list (archives)

- Forum

- IRC channel (which is mirrored to matrix)

- Matrix room (which is mirrored to irc)

- Telegram group

for discussing OpenStreetMap related activities, issues and questions in norwegian and or english.

Quality control


Map Features in Norwegian is an attempt to get the same tags on the same road types in Norway. A working document.

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