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About State of the Map Asia

State of the Map Asia (SotM Asia) is a regional State of the Map (SotM) conference for the continent of Asia. The idea was born at State Of The Map 2012, held in Tokyo, and after some brainstorming held their first conference in 2015. After the two-year hiatus, SotM Asia was hosted in the Philippines in 2022. The event also allowed discussions on the future of SotM Asia including approaches.

For 2023, after in-person and online discussions, it was decided that we will follow a formal community bidding for SotM Asia as we did before.

Note: This wiki is a work in progress. Criteria and template from SotM 2024 Call for Venues and will be modified / finalized soon.

How to bid for SotM Asia 2023

Would you and your team like to apply for holding SotM Asia 2023 in your country? For a proper official application please complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the Example Bid and fill it in. Make sure to answer all questions, but do not hesitate to add anything extra you think makes your bid more attractive.
  2. Add your application at the bottom of this page in the section "Bids"
  3. Send the filled in form (File:Bid for sotm XY form.odt) to ----.

For questions and assistance, please use the OSM Community Forum thread:, ask directly via the Discussion page in this wiki or send a message via (you need to subscribe).

You can find details about how we select a venue on our selection criteria section below.

Key dates

  • Call for venues open until: 10 May 2023
  • Submit your proposal by: 31 May 2023
  • Review period: ~1 week after deadline (by 7 June 2023)
  • Announcement of venue: within 1 week after review/decision (on or before 14 June 2023)

Selection Criteria (lifsted and modified from int’l SoTM)


  • How many members does the local team have?
  • Is the local team situated nearby the venue?
  • How many of the team members are situated in the city of the venue?
  • How are the team and the group members connected to OpenStreetMap?
    • Are there members of the team who are OSM Foundation (OSMF) members or part of an OSMF Working Group?
  • Do some group members have experience in organizing a larger conference?

Bid/wiki form

  • Is the form fully filled in?


  • Reservation of the the venue (contract doesn't have to be signed, but the local team should have the confirmation of the venue operator and optimally a pre-booking of the venue at the proposed conference dates)
    • Do you have any back up venue?
  • For how many visitors is the venue suitable?
  • Size of auditoriums
  • Size of foyer
  • Floor plan with auditoriums, foyer and breakout rooms
  • Are there spaces for breakout sessions?
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
  • What are the facilities in the venue (e.g. A/V, electricity, tech, airconditioned or not, etc)
    • Does the venue offer internet connection? (for workshops that need access to internet)
    • Does the venue offer power backup in case of power outage?
    • Will a hybrid conference (in-person and online) be possible?
    • What is the sanitary condition in the venue (e.g. toilet facilities)
  • What are the nearby or on-site facilities in the venue (e.g. potential accommodations for participants (nearby or on-site), restaurants, etc)?


  • Is the calculation filled in with the costs for venue and catering?
  • Does the budget accounted the following additional items (not exhaustive):
    • costs for swags, printing
    • possibility of hybrid conference
    • cost of free and paid conference tickets


  • What infrastructure does the place have?
    • accessibility (PWD, bike lanes),
    • communication (internet, local sim cards)
    • public transportation (how to access venue by walking, car, bike, etc)
  • Was an SotM Asia held in the same country in the previous years?


  • Is it a LGBT friendly space?
  • What about medical and travel safety?
  • What about terrorism or crime?
  • Is the location compatible with the OSMF's SotM safety policy?
  • What will be the season/weather look like in the targeted dates?


  • How good is the place reachable internationally?
    • What are the modes of international transportation (air / rail / road)?
    • Is there an international airport?
    • What the distance and modes of transportation from airports to city/venue?
  • What kind of visa restrictions are there?
  • How about affordability of the travel?


Other special features of the venue

  • Are there any other special features of the venue that we should consider? For example administrative support or local sponsors?


Do you need help with your bid? Or do you have any questions? For questions and assistance, please use the OSM Community Forum thread:, ask directly via the Discussion page in this wiki or send a message via (you need to subscribe).


The bids do not have to be in a final version to be listed here, so you may be able to work on it collectively. Because that's what a wiki is all about....