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A place where people can cool down by standing under nozzles spraying a fine mist of cool water. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A amenity=mist_spraying_cooler is a place where people go to cool themselves off on a hot day. It is usually in the form of a gate or arch under which a person can stand. It has multiple nozzles that spray very small droplets of cool water.

Some more search terms: misting arch, cooling gate, archway, system, station, inflatable tunnel, tent, fan, mistcooling, misters, fine-mist.

A mist spraying cooler is unique compared to a fountain in the following:

  • standing in the water is encouraged (where for fountains it is usually prohibited)
  • usually operates from potable water (no added disinfectant)
  • usually runs from the tap, not on a closed cycle
  • usually works without electricity
  • it has cool water

In Hungarian, it is called "párakapu" (from the words mist ("pára") and gate ("kapu").

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