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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = vending_machine
Vending machines at Haeundae.jpg
A vending machine sells food, drinks, tickets or other goods automatically. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: vending machines
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
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A  vending machine is a machine which dispenses items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, cologne, consumer products and even gold and gems to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine.

How to map

Place a Osm element node.svg node where the machine is located. Add the tag amenity=vending_machine.

For machines associated with buildings (i.e. covered by a roof, or so unusually large such that they need a support building), draw the outline, tag it with building=service (or building=roof as appropriate) and add a node with amenity=vending_machine just inside the outline on the side where people actually exchange money for whatever is being vended.

Recommended combinations

  • vending=* - Type of items being sold - see taginfo for the most common ones
  • operator=* - Entity maintaining the machine, and refilling it.
  • phone=* - Phone number you can call in case of problems with the machine.
  • brand=* - Brand of product being sold.
  • network=* - Usually used when mapping public transport related selling machines.
  • ref=* - The machine's unique identifier.
  • payment:*=yes/no - Could be of good help to indicate.
  • payment:coins:denominations=* - What coins does the machine accept?
  • payment:notes:denominations=* - What notes does the machine accept?
  • wheelchair=yes/no - Whether the vending machine both can be operated from a wheelchair (height of coin insert and display) and is accessible without stairs.
  • covered=yes/no - Whether the vending machine is under a roof or inside.
  • reusable_packaging:accept=* - Whether a place accepts reusable containers from their customers.
  • reusable_packaging:offer=* - Whether a place offers reusable containers to their customers.

Table from map features

Also see taginfo for the most common semicolon separated ones.


A vending machine is a machine which dispenses items after the customer inserts money. See amenity=vending_machine for more information.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
vending admission_tickets node Admission Ticket Vending Machine
vending animal_feed node Animal feed
Menzenschwand Hirschfutterautomat.jpg
vending art node A vending machine that sells art.
Kunstautomat Bad Fallingbostel.JPG
vending bicycle_tube node Vending machine for bicycle tubes.
Jt osm schlauch-o-mat-schwalbe.jpg
vending books node Books
Book vending machine.jpg
vending bottle_return node Reverse vending machine for returning empty bottles
vending bread node Bread
vending candles node Candles
vending check-in node Check-In counter, like camping-site
Vending check-in.png
vending chemist node Machine vending chemistry or paramedical products
Jt osm vending chemist.jpg
vending chewing_gums node Chewing gums
Wringley's chewing gum vending machine.JPG
vending cigarettes node A cigarette machine is a vending machine that dispenses packets of cigarettes.

See also: vending=e-cigarettes

Zigarettenautomat Melsdorf.jpg
vending coffee node Coffee
Coffee vending machine.jpg
vending coin_change_machine node A coin-change machine that accepts any amount of loose coins, counts them and exchanges them for a voucher. The operator determines where and at what cost the voucher can be redeemed.
Coin change machine.jpg
vending coin_rolls node A coin roll machine is a machine that dispenses coins in the form of coin rolls.
vending condoms node Condoms selling point
vending contact_lenses node Contact lenses
Vending machine with contact lens, Łódź 2020.jpg
vending drinks node Soda vending machine: Soft drinks, water, ice tea

For specific drinks, combine with: drink=*

Soda Vending Machine Japan Coast.jpg
vending e-cigarettes node An e-cigarette machine is a vending machine that dispenses e-cigarettes or e-cigarette refill cartriges.

See also: vending=cigarettes

Daze Vapor House, Lons-le-Saunier 02.jpg
vending eggs node A machine vendings eggs or boxes of eggs
Egg Vending Machine (2751303465).jpg
vending electronics node Electronics
vending elongated_coin node Elongated coins are coins that have been elongated (flattened or stretched) and embossed with a new design with the purpose of creating a commemorative or souvenir token.
Elongated coin press in Nashville, Indiana - 2009.jpg
vending excrement_bags node Dispensing bags to collect dog poop
Excrement bags-14.svg
Dog excrement bags.jpg
vending feminine_hygiene node Feminine hygiene products
vending first_aid node First aid
First aid med-o-mat 24h munich 2010 09 28.JPG
vending fishing_bait node Live Bait (fishing_bait:live=yes, Frozen Bait (fishing_bait:frozen=yes)

See also: vending=fishing_tackle

Live bait vending machine Brighton Recreation Area.JPG
vending fishing_tackle node Fishing equipment (hooks, lines, sinkers, lures...)

See also: vending=fishing_bait

Distributeur d'appâts de pêche à Vénissieux 1 (mai 2019).jpg
vending flowers node Flowers
Flower vending machine.jpg
vending flower_seeds node Flower seeds in reusable capsules with the purpose of self-sowing, e.g. at home in your own garden as a food source for bees. The empty capsules can then be thrown into the return bin.
vending food node A vending machine for
cheese;eggs;milk;sausages;potatoes;noodles ...
Werrabronn Eierautomat.jpg
vending fuel node A vending machine dispensing motor fuel. (Use with: amenity=fuel, vending_machine=yes, vending=fuel )
Vending machine for motor fuel, Thailand.jpg
vending gas node A vending machine for gas bottles.
Vending gas bottles.jpg
vending ice_cream node Ice cream
Glico ice cream vending machine.jpg
vending ice_cubes node Ice cubes
Ice Machine in resort.jpg
vending ink_cartridges node Ink cartridges
HK Fortress Canon Vending machine Feb-2011.JPG
vending laundry_detergent node Laundry detergent
Laundry (Bar) Vending Machine.jpg
vending lottery node Lottery ticket dispenser
vending milk node A machine for fresh milk
Frischmilchautomat Tannheim Gesamtansicht.jpg
vending newspapers node Newspapers
Newspaper vending machines in Canada - 20110803.jpg
vending parcel_mail_in node Old scheme for dropping off parcels, please don't use it.
Current tagging: amenity=parcel_locker + parcel_mail_in=yes
Fedex+UPS Drop-Box.jpg
vending parcel_pickup node Old scheme for picking up parcels, please don't use it.
Current tagging: amenity=parcel_locker (implied + parcel_pickup=yes)
Packstation winter.jpg
vending parking_tickets node A machine selling tickets for parking
Parking tickets-14.svg
Parkscheinautomat 01 KMJ.jpg
vending pet_food node Machine vending food for domestic pets.
Pet Food-Vending Machine(small).jpg
vending photos node Exception, don't use it. Prefer this specific tag: amenity=photo_booth
vending pizza node A machine selling pizza
Hot pizza vending machine.jpg
vending public_transport_plans node Public transport plans. (Definition unclear, see the page.)
vending public_transport_tickets node A machine for bus, tram, train... tickets. See also tickets:public_transport=* + shop=ticket
Public transport tickets-14.svg
vending raw_milk node Raw milk
vending sex_toys node Sex toys
vending SIM_cards node SIM cards for mobile phones
Simcard Vending Machine.JPG
vending stamps node A post stamps selling machine.
Type B52.jpg
vending sweets node Sweets
vending syringes node Needle vending machines for injecting drug users
091021 1731 99 spritzenautomatart g2416p5ch1immer wieder1 media big.jpg
vending telephone_vouchers node Telephone vouchers, telephone cards, or over-the-air prepaid credit top up
vending toll node Road Toll vending machine
Toll Point - ticket machine.jpg
vending toys node Toys
Jt osm vending machine toy.jpg
vending umbrellas node Umbrellas
Spb Umbrella vending machine at Potemkinskaya.jpg
vending water node Drinking water
vending wood_pellet node A machine selling wood_pellet bags
Vending machine pellet.png

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In otherwise covered locations

Added because of an idea in the discussion.

In the case that a vending machine is inside of an otherwise covered location, like a subway station or a pub, we could add a tag to that location like:

In that case it would not make sense to give more information as this could lead to problems of assignment of that data as the user might mix them up with the location itself.

I think we can fix that by putting the vending machine in a separate node and add an: indoor=yes --Lulu-Ann 17:37, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

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