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Public-images-osm logo.svg train = no
Specifies that a train does not stop at a feature Edit or translate this description.
Group: Public transport
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The tag train=no is used to specify that trains do not stop at a feature such as a train station, halt or platform. This tag is mainly used for train stops which are not a tram=*, subway=* or monorail=* train stop. It may overlap with light_rail=no in some cases.

This tag was approved for use with public_transport=stop_position only, when proposed at Proposed_features/Public_Transport, however it has also been used with other railway=* and public_transport=* feature tags.

How to map

Some mappers add this tag to railway=station, public_transport=platform and public_transport=station features as well.

See also

  • access=* - general access restrictions - while train=yes/no appears to be an access restriction, it is rarely used in this way
  • tram=* - specifies whether trams or streetcars stop at a feature
  • subway=* - specifies whether a subway train stops at a feature
  • monorail=* - specifies whether a monorail vehicle stops at a feature
  • light_rail=* - specifies whether "light rail" trains stop at a feature - unapproved tag