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A place where children are looked after which is not an amenity=kindergarten Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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This tag is used for places where children are looked after, including a nursery or daycare which takes care of small children who are too young for amenity=kindergarten or preschool, and after-school childcare facilities.

This tag can be controversial because there is an overlap in some cases with amenity=kindergarten, but on the other hand its usage numbers (26k worldwide in 2021) indicate a demand for such a tag. There are two separate proposal for this same tag [1] (rejected) [2] (abandoned) and a related one [3] (abandoned).

The tag amenity=kindergarten is used differently in different countries. In some, it is only used for preschool-like education (isced:level=0). Other countries include institutional supervision of primary-school children in the afternoon. In other places, such as the United States, "childcare" is a generic term for supervision of children in a wide range of age groups and institutions, from schools to private service providers. It is suggested a feature be tagged as a kindergarten when there is an overlap.


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Similar tags

In some places, people are using amenity=nursery (which has the same meaning of amenity=childcare), but amenity=childcare have more traction, probably due to being included in the iD editor presets.


The term "kindergarten" covers same child ages in some regions, but different child ages in other regions, which might be reflected in use of the tag:

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