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Public-images-osm logo.svg generator:source = solar
Giant photovoltaic array.jpg
A generator which produces energy (normally electricity) from the sun. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Power
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A generator producing energy from the sun, commonly known as a solar panel. May form part of a solar power plant.

A solar generator can be either a thermal generator which outputs heat energy or (increasingly commonly) a Photovoltaic generator which directly produces electrical energy from sunlight.

Mapping Photovoltaic Generators

Solar Park/Solar Farm

Solaranlage IMG 0533.jpg

The entire plant is drawn as area area, approximately where the fence is.

area power=plant
+ plant:source=solar
+ plant:method=photovoltaic
+ plant:output:electricity=*

The individual rows of the solar panel within the solar field can be mapped as follows:

area power=generator
+ generator:source=solar
+ generator:method=photovoltaic
+ generator:output:electricity=*
+ generator:type=solar_photovoltaic_panel
+ location=surface

Rooftop Solar Panels

With the exception of extremely large installations, rooftop solar panels do not form part of a power plant (in industry terms, they're distributed generation), so they only need tagging as generators.

nodearea power=generator
+ generator:source=solar
+ generator:method=photovoltaic
+ generator:type=solar_photovoltaic_panel
+ generator:output:electricity=output rating or
+ generator:output:electricity=small_installation
+ location=roof

Additional tags which can be used to provide additional information, which help calculate potential power output:

  • Number of modules making up the installation: generator:solar:modules=*. Modern modules have a rating of between 300-370W and measure roughly 1.5 by 1 m.
  • Compass orientation of the installation: generator:orientation=*. An alternative is to use the generic direction=* the tag values are the same (points of the compass usually in N,S,E,W,SE ... NNE form, or in degrees 0..360).
  • Azimuth or pitch: no established tag yet. Values in degrees or flat or vertical.

Mapping Thermal Generators

Concentrated Solar Power Plants

A Concentrated solar power system or concentrated solar thermal power plant concentrates the heat from the sun, usually with an array of mirrors. It then converts this energy to electricity by using a steam turbine.

Usually, the perimeter of a concentrated solar power system should be mapped as a power=plant, with the collector at the centre mapped as a generator.

Solar Plant kl.jpg
area power=plant
+ plant:source=solar
+ plant:method=thermal
+ plant:output:heat=*
+ plant:output:hot_water=*
+ plant:output:electricity=*

The individual rows of the solar collectors within the solar field can be mapped as follows:

+ generator:source=solar
+ generator:method=thermal
+ generator:output:heat=*
+ generator:output:hot_water=*
+ generator:output:electricity=*

Solar Thermal Collectors

A Solar thermal collector collects heat from the sun. These devices are most commonly found as rooftop solar hot water panels, especially in warm countries.

node power=generator
+ generator:source=solar
+ generator:method=thermal
+ generator:output:heat=*
+ generator:output:hot_water=*
+ generator:type=solar_thermal_collector
+ generator:place=roof
+ location=roof (alternative, established tag)
Vakuumroehrenkollektor 01.jpg

vacuum collector

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