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Public-images-osm logo.svg healthcare:speciality = vaccination
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A facility specialising in administering vaccination Edit or translate this description.
Group: Health
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The value specifies that a facility is specialised in providing vaccinations against particular illnesses.

The illness itself should be described using the key vaccination=*. For the top-level tag, see below "How to map"


With the rapid development of vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic, many municipalities set up temporary vaccination centres to administer the protectional injections. In some places this is performed in centralised centres, in others the vaccine is available in individual doctor's offices. Often facilities for travel medicine provide vaccination against tropical diseases, or facilities might be used for seasonal influenza vaccination.

How to map

Chose a building or campus outline, or a POI node.

The physical characteristics of a vaccination facility can vary a lot, within a country and internationally. The temporary ones might be exhibition halls, large sports facilities, former airport, etc.

It is to the discretion of the mapper to choose an appropriate top-level tag accordingly. Options which might be appropriate in various contexts include:

  • amenity=hospital, if the vaccination is provided at a hospital,
  • amenity=clinic, amenity=doctors if the vaccination is provided in a doctor's office or clinic (that treats ill people as the main business),
  • healthcare=nurse, if the vaccination is provided at a healthcare facility where a nurse is the primary provider,
  • healthcare=vaccination_centre, if the facility operates purely as a vaccination centre (and does not offer other types of healthcare).
  • healthcare=centre, currently (as of Jan 2021) used in Germany for temporary vaccination facilities.

A dedicated COVID-19 vaccination centre would be tagged, on the building outline or as a POI node, as follows:

Rendering and Searching

As other healthcare features, or used on specialised pandemic-targeted maps.

The key provides the nucleus of searching for facilities providing vaccination, or vaccination against Covid19 in the acute case. E.g. here is the Overpass search for "vaccination=covid19". This enables easy rendering or POI overlay on maps, as well as maintainability.


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