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Unclear meaning, see instead landuse=orchard, landuse=plant_nursery, landuse=forest and landuse=farmland Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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The English word 'plantation' is used in a number of distinct ways outside Openstreetmap. Many of these uses are covered by more specific tags in Openstreetmap. It should not be used for these;

  • Plant nurserys, used to grow young seedlings for planting elsewhere; use landuse=plant_nursery
  • plantings of trees and shrubs for fruit or foood production; use landuse=orchard. This includes tropical plantations such as coffee, tea, oil palms, bananas, and other tropical fruits.
  • plantings of trees for timber production or for naturalising; use landuse=forest. The plantation=yes can be added to forests which have obviously been planted to distinguish them from those where logging is selective and tree regeneration is random.
  • plantings of non-tree crops (typically based on historic use of the word 'plantation'), such as for sugar cane, tobacco, cotton. These crops are not permanent or perenials, but are annual crops. Use landuse=farmland