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Group: Landuse
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The English word 'plantation' is used in a number of distinct ways with their specific tags. It should not be used for these:


  • landuse=plant_nursery - Plant nurserys, used to grow young seedlings for planting elsewhere; use
  • landuse=orchard - plantings of trees and shrubs for fruit or food production;This includes tropical plantations such as coffee, tea, oil palms, bananas, and other tropical fruits.
  • landuse=forest - plantings of trees for timber production or for naturalising . The plantation=yes can be added to forests which have obviously been planted to distinguish them from those where logging is selective and tree regeneration is random.
  • landuse=forest - plantings of non-tree crops (typically based on historic use of the word 'plantation'), such as for sugar cane, tobacco, cotton. These crops are not permanent or perenials, but are annual crops