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Public-images-osm logo.svg line = substation
Substation line example.png
Unspecific substation power line Edit or translate this description.
Group: Power
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A power line leading to a portal mast of a substation. Usually each circuit of a power line gets separated at the last standard mast and then leads to a different portal.

This tag can also be used if a power line way wasn't splitted and contains both line=bay, line=busbar and / or generic power line.

Key Value Comment Recommendation
power line Defines this way as a generic power line. mandatory
line busbar Identifies the line as a busbar assembly mandatory
cables <3,6,..> Number of individual conductors. It is recommended to map each three-phase busbar assembly individually. However, if double or triple busbars for some reasons are mapped as a single way the cables tag should be used to indicate this fact. recommended
voltage <voltage> The voltage of the power line recommended

A typical substation comprises at least the following components:

Substation-diagram.png Cyan: line=substation
Blue: Bay
Green: Switches etc
Purple: Busbar assembly
Red: Transformer
Gray: Substation