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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = flagpole
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A long pole built to hold a flag Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: man made
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Flagpoles are important manmade landmarks. Usually they are visible over a long distance. Some flags are signals (at beach for swimmers). See Emergency (facilities)#Lifeguards

We map the 'flagpole' rather than just a 'flag', because a flagpole has a clear static location. Information about the flag typically flown on that flagpole can be added with attributes.

How to map

Place a node node at the base of the flagpole and tag it with man_made=flagpole and any other tags about the hoisted flags.

Surveying or street-level imagery is most effective for identifying a flag, but the flag can also be legible in 15-centimetre (6 in) or better aerial imagery as long as there is enough skew and wind.

Tags used in combination

Identifying the hoisted flag:

  • flag:type=* - A type classification for flags
  • country=US/DE/TZ/etc. - For national flags to indicate which country is represented on the flag (examples: United States of America, Germany, Tanzania).
  • flag:wikidata=* – the flag's Wikidata item ID, which begins with a Q (for disambiguating similarly named flags)
  • flag:name=* – name of the flag (especially for obscure flags that don't warrant Wikidata items)
  • flag:colour=* – primary color of the flag, such as the color of the field (for obscure flags or for renderers incapable of fetching or rendering flag images)

Physical properties of the pole itself:

  • height=## - Height of the flagpole in metres (No need to write 'metres' or 'm'. Just the number)
  • lit=yes - If the flag is lit up, e.g. with floodlights at night
  • location=roof – if the flagpole is mounted on a rooftop


Only map distinctive flagpoles bearing conventional flags. Do not map small, solid-color ornamental flags or flagsticks on golf courses with this tag.


Man made flagpole.svg suggested by User:Chrisana13

man_made=flagpole is supported by the following 3D renderers:

  • OSM2World – as a metal pole with a flag based on tags like country=* and flag:colour=*
  • F4 Map – as a metal pole with a fluttering white flag (animated)
  • OSM go – as a dark gray pole with a dark gray flag extending from it (static)

Future additions

There are very few signal flags in the map. We will have to evaluate what tags are most useful to describe the kind of signal and the meaning. In a further proposal the flag can be extended.


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