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A switchgear, which comprises one or more busbar assemblies and a number of bays each connecting a circuit to the busbar assembly. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The switchgear (441-11-02) comprises one or more busbar assemblies and a number of bays each connecting a circuit to the busbar assembly. Normally the busbars and bays should be mapped individually, see below. That which connects to bays, usually power lines; transformers; or compensators, aren't part of the switchgear.

However, sometimes the layout of the switchgear is not known, such as when the switchgear is inside a building or when no good aerial imagery is available. In such cases the switchgear may be mapped as an area. Only map switchgear in this way if it cannot be mapped in more details. If the entire substation is located indoor don't map the switchgear separately.

Switchgear usually rely on air for insulation, but gas insulation are also used. They are usually outdoor, but can be placed inside buildings or in iron casings. Medium voltage switchgear will usually be outdoor, but may be located indoor or inside built-in iron casings. High voltage switchgear are usually air insulated and outdoor, but gas insulated switchgear (gas insulated), are used on indoor substations.

Key Value Comment Recommendation
power=* switchgear Defines this area as switchgear (only use this tag when more detailed mapping of the switchgear is not possible). Mandatory
voltage=* <voltage> The voltage of the switchgear Recommended
location=* <location> The location of the switchgear, for example indoor. See above for possible values. Recommended
gas_insulated=* yes Use this tag for gas insulated switchgear using pressurized SF6 or SF6/nitrogen gas as insulation medium. Optional

Substation components

A typical substation comprises at least the following components:


Out of switchgear:

  • Gray: Substation
  • Cyan: Power line
  • Red: Transformer


  • Blue: Bay
  • Green: Switches etc
  • Purple: Busbar assembly


Photo Location Tagging Note
Indoor switchgear Germany


A 110 kV gas insulated switchgear is located inside a building.
Outdoor switchgear -


Large outdoor air insulated switchgear in a substation

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