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ルアクステネ神社(Lokstenes svētnīca).jpg
Classify a religious feature (e.g. temple) as pagan Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Religion
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Status: de facto

An additional classification tag to add to a temple, sacred place, cemetery etc. which belongs to a pagan religion.

Tags to use in combination

Don't forget to use the main tag in addition to this religion classification. e.g. amenity=place_of_worship or landuse=cemetery. Refer to those pages for further tags to use in combination, but also...


denomination=asatru Germanic paganism
denomination=celtic Celtic polytheism
denomination=greco-roman Ancient Greek religion and Ancient Roman religion
denomination=santo_daime Santo Daime
denomination=slavic Slavic mythology
denomination=wicca Wicca
denomination=endovelicus Endovelicus


The tag religion=pagan has been used for Neopaganism as opposed to Paganism. More precise terms are available for non-Abrahamic religions commonly called pagan such as polytheism, shamanism, pantheism, or animism.