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For features which are in ruins. Edit or translate this description.
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This tag is used in two ways:

  • as ruins=yes to indicate that a structure is in ruins,
  • as a sub-tag of historic=ruins to define the historic structure that is in ruins.


ruins=yes is used in conjunction with a tag representing a structure to indicate that the structure is in ruins, e.g. historic=castle + ruins=yes or building=yes + ruins=yes


  • This usage is discouraged by some mappers because renderers that don't evaluate the tag ruins=yes display the structure as it were intact. For historic features, historic=ruins together with the sub-tag historic=* can be used (see section #Sub-tag of historic=ruins below), and for non-historic features the lifecycle prefix ruins: can be used instead.
  • Some mappers use ruins=yes for structures that are still recognisable for what they once used to be, and historic=ruins or ruins: for structures that are no longer recognisable for what they used to be (e.g. where only the foundation walls are still visible).
Tagging with ruins=yes Alternative tagging
historic=castle + ruins=yes historic=ruins + ruins=castle
building=yes + ruins=yes ruins:building=yes

Sub-tag of historic=ruins

ruins=* is used in conjunction with historic=ruins to define the historic structure that is in ruins, e.g. historic=ruins + ruins=church. Some used values are:

Key Value Description
ruins church Ruins of a historic church
ruins castle Ruins of a historic castle
ruins fort Ruins of a historic fort
ruins tower Ruins of a historic tower
ruins monastery Ruins of a historic monastery
ruins temple Ruins of a historic temple
ruins chapel Ruins of a historic chapel

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